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citrix workspace cloud

Citrix Workspace Cloud Is Launched!

Today Citrix announced the general availability of Workspace Cloud – Now Available: Workspace Cloud Changes Everything. It has been an 18 month journey and I am happy to have helped the Workspace Cloud team since November of 2014 by testing and giving feedback for the Apps and Desktops Service. Congrats to the Workspace Cloud team […]

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Quick Tip - Enable Framehawk Support in NetScaler Gateway

Quick Tip – Enable Framehawk Support in NetScaler Gateway

Here is a quick tip on enabling Framehawk support in NetScaler Gateway. This will help expand your current Framehawk use and testing to external access through NetScaler Gateway. With NetScaler firmware release 11.0 build 62.10 (nCore), Citrix has added support for Framehawk in NetScaler Gateway. In previous releases, Framehawk support has been limited to internal, […]

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Quick Tip - Upgrading to StoreFront 3.0

Quick Tip – Upgrading to StoreFront 3.0

Here is a quick tip on upgrading from Citrix StoreFront 2.6 to StoreFront 3.0. StoreFront 3.0 was just released as part of the latest Feature Packs for XenApp and XenDesktop. I saw a few Citrix Forum posts about upgrading. I looked in the StoreFront 3.0 product documentation, but didn’t find anything on upgrading. The upgrade […]

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XM10 - Clustering - Featured

XenMobile 10 Clustering

While prepping for a new XenMobile 10 deployment that required high availability, I started working with clustering the virtual appliance.  With some guidance from the XenMobile team and some lab testing, I was able to get it working and verify the functionality.  Since the documentation for XenMobile 10 clustering hasn’t been released yet, I thought […]

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A New End User Computing Podcast, FrontLine Chatter!

Andrew and I talk daily on twitter with a host of friends and community members about the weekly movers and shakers. There’s long been talk about an End User Computing podcast and over a few beers we finally decided we’d give it a go. FrontLine Chatter is a podcast every fortnight focusing on EUC industry news. Each […]

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Citrix Receiver Desktop Lock

With the launch of Citrix Receiver 4.2, Citrix has brought back their desktop to thin client converter “Desktop Lock”. Citrix Desktop Lock was dropped from support back in Citrix Receiver 3.4 as it relied on the PNAgent functionality that was killed off in the last release of Receiver 3.4 Enterprise. With Desktop Lock’s return, it […]

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ThinIO Logo

ThinIO XenServer Testing Part 1

With ThinIO being launched soon, I thought I would share my results testing ThinIO with Machine Creation Services on XenServer.  In this blog post I will go over my ThinIO testing methodology and results. (more…)

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Citrix Receiver Yosemite Error

Citrix Receiver for Mac and OS X Yosemite

Now that OS X Yosemite has been released to the wild, you may notice the Citrix Receiver has issues after adding a new account and/or launching apps from the client interface.  In this blog post I am going to go over the issue and the fix for the issue. (more…)

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Quick Tip – XenMobile iOS App Wrapping Error

Here is a quick tip to fix an error when wrapping iOS apps using the updated MDX Toolkit for the updated iOS 8 Worx Apps. You may receive the following error when trying to wrap Worx apps after updating your Apple iOS Devlepor for Enterprise certificate and provisioning file to include Team Identifier (ID) and […]

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