Hello and welcome! After having a customized site hosted on WordPress for four years, I have decided to move my blog content to Windows Azure and redesign my site. I decided it was time for a change and I wanted more flexibility with what I could do with this site. Changes are still in progress so watch for more updates/changes to come. Feel free to reach out to me with any feedback, questions, or comments on the site and/or site content. Thanks for stopping by!

Quick Tip – XenMobile iOS App Wrapping Error

Here is a quick tip to fix an error when wrapping iOS apps using the updated MDX Toolkit for the updated iOS 8 Worx Apps. You may receive the following error when trying to wrap Worx apps after updating your Apple iOS Devlepor for Enterprise certificate and provisioning file to include Team Identifier (ID) and […]

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Worx Home 9 and iOS Issue

Recently working with a customer on a XenMobile 8.7 Enterprise edition deployment and all of sudden Worx apps stopped working and enrolling new users started failing. This was a deployment where everything was working and no changes were made to the environment. The customer was just adding more users to the deployment. (more…)

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