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Citrix Receiver Desktop Lock

With the launch of Citrix Receiver 4.2, Citrix has brought back their desktop to thin client converter “Desktop Lock”. Citrix Desktop Lock was dropped from support back in Citrix Receiver 3.4 as it relied on the PNAgent functionality that was killed off in the last release of Receiver 3.4 Enterprise. With Desktop Lock’s return, it […]

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AAA Group Expression

Access Gateway Enterprise with AAA Groups and the Citrix Receiver

I recently enabled VPN in Access Gateway Enterprise for another way to get into my corporate environment since myself and a handful of engineers support the environment.  We already had the Citrix Receiver setup and working through Access Gateway.  Once I began testing my access (before rolling out to others) after enabling VPN by testing the […]

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Citrix Products 2010: A Wish List (continued) +1

This week Helge Klein started a Citrix products 2010 wish list.  Tim Arenz expanded on Helge’s wish list on his blog earlier today.  I want to expand on both Helge’s and Tim’s additions with my own wishes as well.  I’m sure they both don’t mind since Tim encourages other bloggers to continue adding to this […]

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Merchandising Server 1.1 and XenServer Tools Update

Citrix has recently released Merchandising Server 1.1.  Merchandising Server is a XenServer virtual appliance that allows you to centrally manage the setup of the Citrix Receiver, enables Citrix plug-ins and updates, enables access to web-based user support services, and has management reporting features.  I recently downloaded and installed the Merchandising Server virtual appliance in my […]

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