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With the new XenDesktop CCU License options will XenApp only be sold with XenDesktop?

With Citrix’s recent XenDesktop trade up program announcement and adding concurrent user licenses for XenDesktop Enterprise and Platinum, will XenApp licenses no longer be sold in the future?  Will we soon see the end of XenApp being sold as separate product and only sold with XenDesktop licenses?  In this blog post I am going to go over why I think […]

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Using XenClient to Update Provisioning Services vDisk Images

In December of 2009 I wrote about Upgrading Provisioning Services vDisk Target Device Software, Virtual Machine Tools, and Network Drivers.  In that blog post I wrote about using the Reverse Imaging, Hyper-V Direct VHD boot, and XenServer Direct VHD boot options for updating Provisioning Services vDisk Target Device Software, Virtual Machine Tools, and Network Drivers.  With […]

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Using EdgeSight with Provisioned XenApp Servers

Using EdgeSight in provisioned XenApp environments can be tricky if you don’t follow the proper installation steps.  Monitoring provisioned XenApp servers is pretty straight forward and easy to setup with minimal requirements.  In this blog post I am going to go over what the requirements are for provisioned XenApp servers and how to setup the EdgeSight for XenApp agent. (more…)

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Updating Provisioned XenApp vDisks: To XenAppPrep or not to XenAppPrep?

Over a month ago I was in some conversations with some fellow Citrix consultants on Twitter about how they use XenAppPrep when updating provisioned XenApp servers.  There has also been some forum postings on this subject as well.  This is also a topic of conversation with customers who are testing Provisioning Services with XenApp.  In this blog […]

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Citrix Products 2010: A Wish List (continued) +1

This week Helge Klein started a Citrix products 2010 wish list.  Tim Arenz expanded on Helge’s wish list on his blog earlier today.  I want to expand on both Helge’s and Tim’s additions with my own wishes as well.  I’m sure they both don’t mind since Tim encourages other bloggers to continue adding to this […]

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Provisioning Services 5.1 SP1 Licensing and XenApp 5 FP2

Citrix has changed licensing for Provisioning Services with the release of Provisioning Services 5.1 Service Pack 1 and XenApp 5 Feature Pack 2.  The license change comes from the new VM Hosted Applications feature in XenApp 5 Feature Pack 2.  With this change I can see how XenApp Enterprise and Platinum Edition licensed customers can be confused on Provisioning […]

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