and I talk daily on twitter with a host of friends and community members about the weekly movers and shakers. There’s long been talk about an End User Computing podcast and over a few beers we finally decided we’d give it a go.

FrontLine Chatter is a podcast every fortnight focusing on EUC industry news. Each episode will be roughly 30 minutes long and we’ll invite a member of panel from the EUC community to tell their story or talk about a technology of their choice.

Our first episode is now live with the wonderfully colorful and interesting Rory Monaghan  talking all about application compatibility, Unidesk, VMware’s App Volumes acquisition and the other hidden gems Rory has been testing.

So what are you waiting for! Head over now and catch our first podcast.

Our next podcast (2 weeks from now) will be with industry hero Kees Baggerman  talking about moving from being a senior End User Computing consultant to Nutanix, his first 3 months with Nutanix, his view of the industry and some talk about User Environment Virtualization (UEV). So drop back soon!