Login VSI has announced the availability of Login VSI 3.7.  Login VSI is a performance and scalability testing tool for desktop and application virtualization environments.  With the release of the latest version, Login VSI has added support for performing performance and scalability testing on Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 workloads along with Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructures.  The latest release also extends and simplifies testing in non-English environments along with added new timers to allow fully customized users workloads to be analyzed with the same detail as the pre-built standard workloads.

New features in Login VSI Pro 3.7 and Login VSI Express 3.7

  • Microsoft Windows 8 support
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 support
  • Microsoft Office 2013 support
  • Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure support
  • Pre-configured language profiles for English, Japanese, German, and Dutch
  • Core workload extended with timers, allowing custom workloads to be analyzed in more detail

New Features in Login VSI Express 3.7 (already available in Login VSI Pro 3.x)

  • Non-English Microsoft  Windows OS support
  • Non-English Microsoft Office support

Screenshots of Login VSI 3.7

Login VSI Management Console Pro Edition – Test Configuration


Login VSI Management Console Pro Edition – Workload Configuration


Login VSI – Workloads


Login VSI Pro Edition – Analyzer Compare Wizard


Login VSI Pro Edition – Analyzer Scatter Chart


Login VSI Pro Edition – Analyzer VSI Max


Now with the new release you can perform performance and scalability testing on desktop and application virtualization solutions that support Windows 8 and Server 2012.  Vendors in the desktop and application virtualization space along with hardware manufacturers  use Login VSI  as their independently developed tool for their performance testing.  So when you are looking to test your deployment, look at Login VSI as the industry standard tool to perform you performance and scalability testing for comparison and validation.

Read the full Login VSI press release for Login VSI 3.7 here – VDI Performance Testing with Windows 8 and Server 2012 now supported by Login VSI 3.7

Login VSI 3.7 can be downloaded now here – Login VSI 3.7 download

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