When you are working with Citrix products and looking at different methods of community support like the Citrix forums, Twitter, and community blogs it’s always good to know there is another option.  Whether using the Citrix forums and waiting for replies to your posts, using Twitter and being limited to 140 characters, or searching the web looking for a community blog with an answer, you can get community driven real-time support and interact with other Citrix community members in the Citrix IRC channel. The Citrix IRC channel provides the Citrix community with real-time support driven by members of the Citrix community.  Once in the Citrix IRC channel you can discuss all things Citrix with other members of the Citrix community.  You can ask questions and/or answer questions to other users in the channel.  Citrix community members from all over the world are in the channel.  You can usually get help or have a discussion on anything Citrix related anytime of the day or night no matter where you are accessing the channel from. I am a frequent user and big supporter of the Citrix IRC channel.  I have answered questions and helped other Citrix community members.  I have also had my questions answered and been helped by other Citrix community members.

If you already have IRC client installed on your machine  you can get access to the Citrix IRC channel by connecting to irc.freenode.net and joining #Citrix.

For more info check out the official unofficial site for CitrixIRC.  You can also follow on Twitter – @CitrixIRC.  Stay tuned to the CitrixIRC website and @CitrixIRC on Twitter for more information on the planned discussions and podcasts.

So when you are looking to interact with other Citrix community members whether it’s just to talk shop or you are looking for some help, don’t forget to come check us out.  We are Citrix admins, consultants, service providers, enthusiasts, etc…just like you.

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